About Us

Orbis is IT Travel Provider since 5 December 2019, with many Travel Agency Partners. We striving to become trusted IT Company for travel agent in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

1. To build human resource with Godly characters and high competence.

2. To build effective, efficient, and high quality operational as well as finance management system. Also modern, fast, and accurate information technology system

3. To have unique products and services and to dedicate to high quality customer satisfaction.

4. To build good relationship with partners, customers, competitors, and bussiness community.

5. To keep the company's good name with integrity and to be top of mind brand for customers.

Our Vision

To become trusted and to give positive impacts to all employees, partners, customers, business communities and public



Empathy, Helpful , Humble, Team Work


Righteous (precise,accurate) Honest , Discipline


Persistent, Proactive, Innovative, Smart/Creative, Long-Term Learning/Skillful


Reliable,Responsible, Commitment, Loyalty

Our Products

Online Booking System (Website/Mobile Apps)

Airline API Client

Indonesia Train API Client

Airline NDC Aggregator

Hotel Aggregator (Coming Soon)